TaxLeaf Optimum Performance

What is Optimum Performance

In every structure, there is an optimum performance. This is precisely the exact moment that your business should be working at maximum success. Below we will describe how to build your TaxLeaf Franchise at it’s highest profit margin. Once you achieve this, you may consider opening a new office in another region.

Monthly Bookkeeping Clients

Your goal is to obtain 100 monthly bookkeeping clients. These clients will pay you monthly for bookkeeping and payroll services. In most cases, these clients will hire you for other services to boost your monthly income. Servicing 100 will guarantee you a high success rate.

Business Tax Returns

We can almost guarantee that all 100 clients from your Monthly Bookkeeping will require you to do their business tax return. In most cases, your clients will have second or third businesses they may need business tax returns with as well. Some businesses will prefer you to only do their Yearly Tax Return with no monthly bookkeeping. 

Individual Tax Returns

All the businesses you manage will have at least one owner. In most cases, your business clients will have multiple owners family members, and employees associated with them. Your goal here is to obtain 300 individual clients. With today’s social networks and our advertising, you should acheive this goal quickly.

Partner Services

TaxLeaf offers numerous business services that fit perfectly with your clients and their businesses. Our partner services are elected to increase the success of your business clients. This will add to your residual income that we talked about earlier.  We’ll help you market these services to your clients. 

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